In the left corner … Boğa Crackin’ Pas͑tek ! 

In the right corner … Galli Royal Pas͑tek !


Every day they come to blows -
over an egg, a lost bet, a woman,
for better or for worse, 
for faded glory,
for eternal fame.
They are bohemians, boxers, brothers !
Only one will be King of the Ring.
And the day after it starts all over again.

Peek-a-Boo is a street theater performance for all ages, a boxing match full of irresistible slapstick and burlesque acrobatics. The show -in an authentic boxing ring- is suited for big and small events in the open air, but can also be performed indoors as well as in a circus tent.

Peek-a-Boo, the Fight of the Century that blows a fresh wind through the slapstick tradition!

Creation and performance

Johan Dils, Maxime Membrive

& Johannes Vanbinnebeek


Set design en costumes

Johan Dils and Han Mannaert


A production of

Compagnie Charlie

& Charlie Productions

“It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound. I beat people up.” 
-Muhammed Ali-

Thanks to:

Adrien Husser, Nicolas Andry, Nicolas Guilmard, Mortimer Petre, Cécile Hellin, Jona den Aantrekker, Manu Bouton, Brecht Devloo, Micheline Vandepoel, Selim Sainz, Marine Sprumont, Jokke Vanderlinden, Clémence Dethier, Jérémie Nicaise, Merlin Van Impe, Vanessa Daniëls,  Guido Vanbinnebeek, Leonor Husson, Charlotte Lippinois, Jérôme Zahno, Joris Vanbinnebeek, Olivier Rijckaert, Audric, Tim Oliphant, Dawa Sherpa, Olivier Gardenal, Rosalie Germeau, Lieven Thierion, Phil Kaiser, Anke Scholz, ...

Special thanks to:

Gonzalo Alarcon, Baptiste Leman, Barend Weyens, Han Mannaert, Pascale Mahieu, Babou Sanchez,...

Compagnie Charlie is supported by:


Support in creation of the scenography in the Vaisseau